BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – For the first time in nearly 20 years Burke Ramsey is recounting what happened when his little sister JonBenet was murdered in the family home.

Burke talked exclusively to Dr. Phil McGraw and the interview will play out in three episodes. Monday’s part focused mostly on Burke’s memories of the morning JonBenet’s body was found.

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

(Credit Dr. Phil Show)

“The first thing I remember is my mom bursting into my room … really frantic saying, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh’ … running around my room looking for JonBenet,” Burke said.

In his first ever public interview about the death of his sister, Burke describes the frantic search for JonBenet in the early hours of Dec. 26.

“Next thing I remember was a police officer coming into my room,” Burke said.

Burke says despite the commotion he never got out of bed.

Burke Ramsey (credit: Dr. Phil)

Burke Ramsey (credit: Dr. Phil)

“But still someone comes in your room with a flashlight and you never get up and say, ‘What is going on here?'” Dr. Phil asked Burke.

“I guess I just like to avoid conflict … or I’m … I don’t know … I guess I just felt safer there,” Burke replied.

“Were you curious?” Dr. Phil asked.

“I guess I’m not the worry type … I guess part of me doesn’t want to know what’s going on,” Burke replied.

“Critics would say you weren’t curious because you already knew,” Dr. Phil said.

“I was scared I think. I mean I didn’t know if there is some bad guy downstairs that my dad was chasing off with a gun. I had no idea,” Burke said.

(Photo by Axel Koester/Sygma via Getty Images)

(Photo by Axel Koester/Sygma via Getty Images)

In a no-holds-barred interview where no questions were off limits Burke talks about the evidence and behavior that turned him into a suspect in the murder. And for the first time, Dr. Phil reveals the interrogation tapes done with Burke nearly 20 years ago.

Dr. Phil’s interview with Burke continues on Tuesday on CBS4 at 4 p.m.

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  1. RS says:

    Them questioning Burke at this stage of his life sounds like the FBI questioning Hillary about her server. “I don’t know… I don’t remember… I guess maybe I just thought… ” No commitment whatever in his comments.

  2. RS says:

    This guy Burke is pretty squirrelly. All you have to know is that he regular smeared feces around his little sister’s bedroom and even on a box of candy she had just gotten for Christmas. The CBS special where the investigators concluded Burke had killed his sister – and they had plenty of evidence that he is the likely person – is IMO correct.

  3. Verm says:

    I think that each of you making comments, and this includes Dr. Phil, better pray to God that no one ever accuses you, or one of yours, of a horrific crime that you did not commit:
    Murder, incest, rape, theft, etc.I dare anyone of you to try and defend your innocence in the eye of the public once they have been accused.It’s sad to watch someone such as Dr. Phil go to such lengths for ratings and money. Dr. Phil you have become and arrogant ass, and this is not the first interview where you have shown a complete lack of empathy,professionalism, and disregard for any resemblance of truth simply to get ratings. I am a reasonably intelligent woman and I am embarrassed to admit that I am guilty of coming home from work and turning on such trash as I am unwinding from the day.
    On the other hand, thank you.. I can now spend the hour doing something meaningful and constructive and know that I am no longer spending that time dumbing down like so many of your viewers. Dr Phil, you are no longer educating the public… you have turned into a reality TV show.. steps away from Jerry Springer.

    1. RS says:

      Tell you what Verm… if I am ever the only person in a house with another person, and come morning when nobody could have come or gone, and in the morning I am found murdered, I hope to God that other person will get charged because other than poltergeists or evil spirits there was nobody else who could have killed me. Why are some people so afraid to look at two plus two and say it’s equal to four? There was no intruder. there were only family members present when JB was murdered, everyone involved was part of the family.

  4. MaryAnn Pulu says:

    I lived in Colorado at the time of her murder! And it’s my opinion that one of them killed that beautiful baby girl and were covering up for whoever did it! And yes is Burke mentally Ill always wonderd that also!!

  5. Marcella says:

    I don’t believe mother father did it I believe brother did it. It explains why the mom wrote note. and strangulation method. an adult could have strangled her with their hands. He as a child would not have been strong enough to. She was obviously the apple of the mothers eye, could have come from jealousy.

  6. claudette says:

    as children always play, why didn’t Burke say, I know where she’s hiding! To me that’s sounds what children would have said.

  7. Gary S. Skiba says:

    Why is it that Burke Ramsey always has a grin on his face? Even when Dr. Phil was asking very personal questions? And questions that were very important to the case. He was always smiling. Kind of like a mentally Ill person does. Also they said there were no foot prints outside in the snow. So how could there be a intruder?

  8. Sharyn Fernandez says:

    just saw the program; at this point I’m still on the fence; is it possible to read that supposed kidnap letter in it’s entirety… Could the paper have been taken by someone else prior to this; but how could ‘they have gone upstairs, gotten the child, absconded her to the basement, leaving the note on the stairs along the way.. or some version of that… yet more info’ to follow that may implicate that it was one of the family members, but so hard for me to accept that as of now (just seeing the first show)… good work Dr. Phil.

    1. RS says:

      Nobody is going to:
      1. Break into a home (without leaving any prints in the snow)
      2. Spend a prolonged period writing a bizarre ransom note IN THE HOME
      3. Write a ransom note running three pages, again, while IN THE HOME
      4. Then kill the victim and leave!
      The family can deny it all they want(ed) to, there was nobody there but them and one of them did it and more than one covered it up.

  9. Sharon says:

    Geez! He was 9 years old Dr. Phil! When I was 9 years old and spooked at some shadow, I would cover up with my blanket and hope they got my sister first! LOL!s

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