By Melissa Garcia

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Ducks are dying at Exposition Park in Aurora and nearby residents were concerned for their safety. City officials, however, were not aware of any issue that could be causing the die-off.

“To be honest, it smells like straight sewage,” said Anthony Ross, a conservationist who lives in the area.

“Wildlife is dying. There’s something going on in there,” Ross said of the ponds in the park.

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Ross, who just moved to the area, took photos of dead ducks that he found near the water in the last week.

“Five total now,” Ross said.

CBS4’s Melissa Garcia and photojournalist Mark Neitro went to the park on Tuesday and spotted three more dead ducks.

Ross said that the trash, stench, and dead animals in the ponds have him worried.

“The community should have a safe and clean place to bring their families,” Ross said.

Officials confirmed that the city uses the pond water to water the park’s grass.

“I don’t want my kids running through that,” commented Ross. “It doesn’t seem too healthy. I got some splashed on my skin, and it started burning.”

The city tests the park water periodically and had not seen an increase in toxins.

“We have not seen any increase in any contaminants in the water that would be a concern to that point,” said Greg Baker, a spokesperson for Aurora Water.

In addition to being a place of recreation and wildlife, Expo Park has a vital purpose as a storm drainage collection area.

(credit: Anthony Ross)

(credit: Anthony Ross)

(credit: Anthony Ross)

(credit: Anthony Ross)

(credit: Anthony Ross)

(credit: Anthony Ross)

Back in 2013, heavy rains flooded the park. And that’s exactly what the city designed it for.

“The intention behind that is, the water has to go someplace in an urban environment. It’s better it come here where we can control it than into the houses that are frankly just on the border of this park,” Baker said.

“I think (the city) has good intentions. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much they can do in the way of street-side trash in the drainage, the way it’s set up,” said Chad Huartson, who goes to the park every other day to play disc golf.

After the number of dead birds found in the park recently, Baker said that the city would be looking into the issue to try to determine what could be causing the die-off.

It was unknown if the cause could be a disease spread from one bird to another, or something else that was making the birds sick.

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  1. Somebody is poisoning the ducks because they don’t like the duck poo they leave at the lake.

  2. Robin Fox says:

    It’s probably botulism. Happens here on the county lake in back of my house almost every fall. I was told that it has to do with too much dead vegetation in the lake.

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  4. SURPRISE: ever since Californians started migrating to Colorado, the state has been on a downward spiral. Go figure. . . .

  5. I predict it is either an uneducated person calling them pests. Or some wild teen who is turning into a wannabe Dexter or I think the blame should be on someones dog.

  6. Consultofactus says:

    Burns: “Smithers….do you think maybe our power plants are killing the ducks?”
    Smithers “I odn’t think there’s any “maybe” about it, sir”.
    Burns: “Excellent”

  7. p51d007 says:

    Bet if they test them, it might be common gas, CO, or methane. Low level area, change in temperature/humidity causes it to sink, which could also result in their death.

  8. Dave says:

    Too much THC in the water from all the brain deads peeing in the pond.

  9. Moe Zarella says:

    Hillary hocked a loogy in the lake. Case closed.

  10. ooohoo says:

    Could be someone is poisoning them.

  11. ooohoo says:

    So test the ducks for toxins?

  12. Tex Taylor says:

    You messed up, Colorado, when you allowed yourself to become polluted with ex-Californians.

    They moved in like parasites and have quickly polluted your once great state. Death is inevitable once the plague of nanny government dopeheads and freeloaders infiltrate…

  13. R Elliot says:

    “I don’t want my kids running through that,” commented Ross. “It doesn’t seem too healthy. I got some splashed on my skin, and it started burning.”

    Please show us the scar from the burn.

  14. John Doeson says:

    Bro, like, I saw the ducks walk out of a weed dispensary and they were like, “Bro, I got some major munchies!” and the other duck was like “Bro, I know, me too!” So they were like, “Bro, let’s eat some junk food!” But they ate junk from the lake but not FOOD, bro!

  15. Maybe the city officials are all stoned.

  16. Me thinks Mr Ross is tying to make a name for himself by means environmental exploitation on the big screen. Perhaps its Mr Ross killing the ducks . you know every thing going fine then Mr Ross moves to the area and the ducks start dying shortly there after HE would not be the first whacko environmentalist caught creating or planting evidence

    1. Shaun says:

      Don’t forget the hysterics of being ‘splashed.’ OH, IT BURNS! IT BURNS!

  17. wales says:

    Spray massive amounts of Round up (glyphosate) and it runs off into the water and presto! You have neurotoxins in the water and area. This is NOT rocket science. We’re being slowly poisoned thanks to MONSANTO.

    1. Lookupinthesky says:

      Mosanto: The most evil unknown company in the world…

  18. Lookupinthesky says:

    Maybe, just maybe the stuff they have been spraying on us for the last 10 years from 30,000 feet is having an effect. Keep in the it’s the small animals effected first… It’s called a soft kill folks…

    1. Kevin Snyder says:

      Don’t look up…the sky is falling!

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