PINE, Ariz. (CBS4) – With a tire swing wrapped around his antlers, an elk luckily showed up at the right house for help.

Check out the video Debra Butler shot of the tire swing tangled in the elk’s antlers.

When she saw the elk, she says, “I literally had to do a double take because I thought I am not seeing what I think I’m seeing.”

The poor guy was all wrapped up.

Luckily for him, though, Debra is a veterinarian.

Butler says it was a long and daunting task to set him free that lasted 12 hours. You can see the moment it happens near the end of the video.

“I went up to him, I cut it and he was free and it was amazing.”

Debra says she actually had to talk the elk through the whole process and, as a result, is now nicknamed “The Elk Whisperer.”