DENVER (CBS4) – A retired Navy veteran is on a cross-county journey he says is about bringing attention to parental equality.

Kash Jackson says he represents parents across the country caught up in battles with family courts even though they may not have been charged with a crime.

Kash Jackson (credit: CBS)

Kash Jackson (credit: CBS)

Jackson carries the flag with the stars and stripes upside down. Supporters say that’s a signal of danger to life and property.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Right now in America they are incentivizing state courts to take our children from us, to reduce us down to visitors — thousands and thousands of dollars in litigation,” Jackson said. “I spent $40,000-plus in litigation, and all I want to do is be a father.”

Jackson started his journey in Olympia, Washington, and will also stop in cities like Topeka, Chicago and Indianapolis before ending up in the nation’s capital.

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  1. cbstahl says:

    He was just jailed for 30 days apparently without the opportunity to pay the purge amount which supporters had donated. It would be a fine follow-up story.

  2. judi atwood says:

    I have a special needs daughter I have court ordered therapy but Rebecca Pepan my ex’s attorney told my ex he doesn’t have to abide by the court order – these divorce attorneys are lining their pockets with money in my case his attorney is raping my 8 year old daughter of her future – this is just sick

  3. Tom Callahan says:

    in 2004 my ex left me took everything (and I mean everything) and two teenage kids. In divorce court we asked the court for joint custody and they gave custody to her, child support to me, and all the debt left in my name. I had to pay child support for 6 years, EVEN THOUGH THE KIDS LIVED WITH ME!!, I went to court a dozen times and they didn’t care, they continued to force my support payment. Talk about a freak out – sitting there with me telling the judge that my kids live with me and even with my ex concurring, and they STILL MADE ME PAY HER SUPPORT)

    So it wasn’t just my ex, it was the FL family courts too. Something has to change! And I’d help this guy!

  4. Thank you Kash Jackson! This is an issue that keeps getting ignored and Judges are continuing to remove parental rights for NO REASON.

    Mothers and Fathers alike are spending $$$$ inn the Family Court System to remain an active parent in their kids lives only to end up as basically getting visiting amount of time… such as 4 over nights a month or less!

    I am looking forward to MR. DONALD TRUMP addressing this subject now!

    Kash spoke to you in person recently and you told him to send you a note about his case. I dont believe he has heard from you.

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