CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4)– Two dogs that brutally attacked and killed a woman they knew, were put down one day after the attack. The owner of the dogs, the victim’s son, knew the animals could become aggressive years before the deadly attack.

Susan Shawl was attacked in a doorway to her garage on Monday evening. The dogs mauled her face. Investigators don’t know what caused the dogs to attack.

Susan Shawl (credit: Facebook)

Susan Shawl (credit: Facebook)

“The son heard a commotion and called us. He didn’t initially see what happened,” said Jeffco Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dionne Waugh.

Deputies arrived after the frantic 911 call to find the dogs on a deck and a gruesome scene.

Richard Shawl (credit: Facebook)

Richard Shawl (credit: Facebook)

Authorities said that the two pit bulls belonged to Susan Shawl’s son, Richard Shawl, 36. He was also attacked, bitten on the arm while trying to pull the dogs off his mother.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The attack happened in the home that the mother and son shared on Black Widow Drive in Conifer.

Jefferson County Animal Control took the dogs from their home to Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden where they were quarantined under court order. Authorities said that Richard Shawl gave permission for his dogs to be euthanized there, which happened Tuesday evening.

(credit: Facebook)

The dogs that attacked and killed a woman at her home in Conifer (credit: Facebook)

Officials said that Richard had already been issued a warning citation in 2008 after a neighbor reported that the dogs had gotten loose and were behaving aggressively.

The Jeffco Sheriff’s Office told CBS4 that the investigation into the deadly attack was ongoing and it was not clear if Richard would be facing charges.

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  1. Barry Ray says:

    A Pit Bull is a dangerous dog. More than one multiplies the danger exponentially.They are untrustworthy, and kill and maim more people than any other breed. They should be nuetered and wiped out as a breed.

  2. Trebor Cadeau says:

    If only one dog, would it have attacked? Or is this a pack mentallity which develops?

  3. Balmy says:

    With a son like that (and his pit bulls)… who needs enemies? BSL would have prevented this.

  4. Tarzan says:

    This breed has been bred to fight and kill. Time to outlaw the breed.

  5. So these dogs had lived with this woman for quite awhile? I love my son more than anything, but if he wanted a pit he’d be on his own.

  6. IAmLegend says:

    I love dogs buy why people would want to own pit bulls is beyond me. Owning a pit bull is a giant liability that nobody needs. They have the ability to kill people and when they’re on attack mode, there’s no stopping them. A co-worker was walking his dog two days ago when they were attacked by two loose pit bulls. His dog was killed and he’s devastated. He loved that dog.

    Then you have you all these pit bull owners in denial saying, “oh but my pit bull is so sweet, it won’t hurt a fly” and “it’s not the dog, it;s the owner” Yeah right! Those dogs are ticking time bombs.

    Cue in the pit bull sentimentalists.

    1. bill riley says:

      If “it’s not the dogs, it’s the owner” then we would be reading about people being killed by their pet Labradors.

      1. Gena King says:

        I’ve said for a while now the most dangerous part of any pit bull is the oh so cool person who not only has one, but is the ‘smart’ owner. He has trained the dog and it’s the sweetest dog in the world. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well guess what, that’s all hogwash. The ‘sweetest’ pit bull in the world attacked one of my sons when he was 7, and daily we read of deaths attributed to this breed. The breed needs to die out. Neuter or spay all of them and for those that have attacked, even once, put them down. And I love dogs. The picture of the two in the story – I could just hug and kiss them. It’s not their fault. But facts are facts, they are dangerous. Let the breed die out.

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