DENVER (CBS4)– A man has been arrested after he was found only in his underwear after he allegedly crashed a truck into a plane bound for Denver.

The Southwest Airlines plane sat at the gate at the airport in Omaha, Nebraska when the truck crashed into the plane while passengers boarded.

“I heard this loud ‘Boom’ type crash thing and I didn’t know where it came from,” said passenger David Postier. “Then all of a sudden I start hearing people say, ‘Oh, my goodness, did that just happen?'”

The flight from Omaha to Denver International Airport was delayed after the crash. The truck smashed right into the nose of the plane as people started boarding. Passengers already sitting in their seats felt the jolt.

“They were putting their luggage up top and the whole plane shook back and forth… luggage fell down,” said Postier.

He said Southwest and the airport kept passengers well informed as to what was happening with the flight.

The driver of the truck, wearing only his underwear, apparently jumped a fence.

“This man was worried that someone was trying to kill him, running around the parking garages, jumped over the fence, got into a car already turned on and stole it while the airport police chased him,” said Postier.

The man was arrested and hospitalized.

“Our officers took him into custody immediately at that time. There was extensive damage done to the Southwest plane. The individual did suffer some injuries from the crash,” said Omaha Airport Authority Chief Tim Conahan.

The crash damaged the front tires on the plane. The passengers on that flight boarded another plane and landed in Denver several hours later than originally scheduled.