DENVER (CBS4) – Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence is scheduled to speak before supporters in Colorado Springs Wednesday night after making a campaign stop in Denver in the afternoon.

The Indiana governor spoke to approximately 150 people at Mile High Station in Denver after making news by breaking with Donald Trump and fully endorsing House Speaker Paul Ryan. However, he didn’t mention that break in his speech in Denver.

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence (credit: CBS)

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence (credit: CBS)

Pence attacked Hillary Clinton and declared support for the Second Amendment. He said the next president would shift the next 40 years of the U.S. Supreme Court.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pence, Clinton campaign in Colorado on 8/3

Pence added that he thinks the country is spinning out of control and said that despite differences, the Republican Party is unified behind Trump.

“He’s a fighter, he’s a builder, and until very recently it seemed like he was out there all by himself fighting against all odds … now we are united as a people, as a movement, and we’re going to make Donald Trump the next president of the United States of America,” Pence said.

After a week of controversy caused by Trump’s words and tweets, Pence blamed the media for headlines that have led to Trump’s sagging poll numbers.

“The media and the democrats, it seems like something new comes up every couple of days, hourly. They keep telling each other, keep saying now we got him,” Pence said.

He insisted republicans are unified and worked to return the campaign to the themes of republican harmony that came out of the RNC.

Pence also held a rally in Colorado Springs Wednesday evening at The Antlers.


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