(CBS4) – Lionel Richie smiles, plays the piano and sings “It’s Peyton on Sunday Mornings” in a new series of DirectTV commercials starring the former Denver Broncos quarterback.

(credit: DirectTV)

(credit: DirectTV)

Peyton Manning appears in the commercials wearing a bathrobe and apparently not having much to do now that he’s retired. He’s on a park bench in one, in the grocery store in another and finally at home on the couch.

(credit: DirectTV)

(credit: DirectTV)

In that last one, Manning calls his brother Eli, who’s in a locker room getting ready for a game, and asks if he’s free to hang out.

“So you want to come over? I’ll make nachos,” Peyton asks Eli.

“I can’t right now, man, I’m playing,” Eli says.

“Oh yeah,” Manning says. “I’ll pencil you in for Tuesday.”

The commercial then shows Manning’s planner with nothing but blank space on his schedule. He writes “E L I” across the entire day.

After his retirement earlier this year, Manning said he looks forward to watching Eli play with his team the New York Giants during the regular season.

“I’m going to see my little brother play in some normal games as opposed to always seeing him play in a Super Bowl where you can’t breathe until the last play,” Manning said in June.

The two Mannings have appeared in DirectTV commercials together before, including a 2014 ad in which they rapped about fantasy football.


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