PHILADELPHIA (CBS4)– Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper talked about his support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and how he wasn’t picked to be her vice president, after his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night.

“I wanted to convey that Hillary Clinton really does understand small business and she has spent a lot of time thinking about how you cut regulation, how to you increase access to capital, you know… how you get the workforce trained in new jobs. You know, she knows more about policy stuff than any governor or legislator I’ve ever met,” Hickenlooper told CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd after his speech at the DNC.

During his speech, Hickenlooper slammed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. He hit Trump for the developer’s multiple bankruptcies and failure to pay contractors on his projects.

Now I’ve never hosted a reality TV show but I know that the true mark of a successful businessman is not the number of times you say “you’re fired”, it’s the number of times you say “you’re hired,” said Hickenlooper. “That’s right, I’m a business guy. But unlike that other candidate’s businesses, my business didn’t go bankrupt six times.”

Hickenlooper also commented on how he was one of three finalists to be among Clinton’s choice for vice president.

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“It certainly reflects, what it really does is reflect on Colorado and all the great stuff we’ve been doing, I mean, the economy is doing so well and also holding ourselves to high standards, the first state to regulate methane and not have the escaping emissions. That’s really what that’s a reflection of. I was disappointed, but I was also relieved because I get to stay in Colorado,” said Hickenlooper.

Boyd also talked to Hickenlooper about women’s rights, an issue at the center of the DNC with Clinton as the party’s nominee.

“I think around the country people are recognizing that Colorado is a leader in women’s rights. My wife Robin, as First Lady, that’s going to be her signature effort, is going to be around women’s leadership both in business and in the community,” said Hickenlooper.


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