By Jeff Todd

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A Lakewood woman is hoping she might have your lost pair of keys.

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“I just figure if I can find one person, if I can give one person their key back, then right on I did a good thing,” said Nikki Ozzello.

A work truck for the Ozzello company was stolen from in front of a foreman’s house on July 2. The company assumed it was gone forever until Commerce City police called on July 18 saying they’d found the truck.

“The truck was involved in eluding police and then later the same day they found it parked in a driveway. It was packed to the gills with crow bars, window breakers bolt cutters. I think they were using my truck to go around rob people,” said Ozzello.

Nikki Ozzello (credit: CBS)

Nikki Ozzello hold some of the keys. (credit: CBS)

When she started cleaning out the trunk she found tons of presumably stolen items from DVDs to clothes. Also inside were about a dozen key rings totaling more than 90 keys.

“Keys are expensive, chip keys are really expense and a lot of people don’t have the means to replace them. Or they don’t have the keys to make new keys,” Ozzello said about her motivation to find the keys’ rightful owners.

The keys look like they can unlock anything from homes to cars to machine equipment.

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Ozzello posted on to see if any owners were out there.

“A key is only good if you know what lock it goes to,” she said.

The ad can be found here. Ozzello’s contact information can be found in the link.

The following are some of the keys whose owners are not known (all images credit: CBS):



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