DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado has been hotbed for anti-Donald Trump sentiment among its Republicans, but on Thursday one of the state’s most respected conservative Congressman made a plea in his favor.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck was the chairman of Ted Cruz’s campaign for president in Colorado. Cruz defeated Trump in the Colorado Republican caucus, and many Colorado delegates who still oppose Trump’s candidacy have been labeled as troublemakers for their disruptive actions during the Republican National Convention. Cruz himself also caused controversy in his RNC speech by not endorsing Trump.

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Rep. Ken Buck (credit: CBS)

Rep. Ken Buck (credit: CBS)

On Thursday morning Buck told the Colorado delegation in Cleveland to essentially get over it and get behind Trump. He said the makeup of the Supreme Court for decades to come is on the line.

“If we allow a 6 to 3, 7 to 2 majority to exist in the United States of America, we lose every right that we hold dear as conservatives. We have got to suck it up. We have got to vote for Donald Trump. We have got to support Donald Trump. And in the end we have got to do everything we can to hold him, to hold his administration responsible,” said Buck, who represents Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District.

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CBS4 analyst Dick Wadhams said Buck’s appeal has great significance.

“(Buck) set a very stark choice for the delegation today. He said ‘You get Hillary (Clinton) or you get someone who will apppoint better judges to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was a very stark comparison,” Wadhams said.

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Trump is preparing to deliver the acceptance speech at the convention on Thursday night.