DENVER (CBS4) – Tristan Evans, a 4-year-old Coloradan, used a toy fishing pole to catch a monster walleye at Cherry Creek State Park last month.

The 28-inch walleye was almost larger than both Tristan and the Spider-Man fishing pole.

The young fisher was accompanied by his father Colin and a friend, according to Colorado Outdoors Magazine.

A video of the catch showed Tristan’s father using a net to help capture the fish in disbelief, “he’s got a big walleye. Oh my God, Tristan, you just caught that walleye, all by yourself.”

“Look at that fish, are you kidding me?” Colin stated as Tristan ran to the other side of the boat scared of the large fish. “You just caught a bigger walleye than Dad will ever catch.”

The father and son took pictures and cellphone video of the large fish before releasing it back into the water.

Tristan will be given the Master Angler Award from Colorado Parks and Wildlife for his achievements.


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