DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Center Theatre Company has extended the run on its immersive theatre experience called “Sweet & Lucky” until Aug. 7. The play is showing in a warehouse space in Denver.

(Credit DCPA)

(Credit DCPA)

The immersive experience means that audience members are on stage with the performers and sometimes even interact with them. The theatre company calls it a 360-degree, multi-sensory experience.

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“If you’re watching a show someone has sort of designed that experience for you. This is one you get to influence too. And so, I think, it can be really personal and impactful in a different way than if you’re just watching,” said Emily Tarquin, the producing curator for the show.

The show starts in an antique store setting and ends in a speakeasy. Along the way, audience members are encouraged to explore their surroundings, opening drawers, reading letters, picking up props.

“They’ll pick up something and they’ll say, ‘Oh, this was in my grandmother’s house.’ or ‘I remember this growing up.’ So it’s sort of hard to dictate the different things that people are going to respond to,” Tarquin added.

In some cases, the audience is asked to interact with the performers, which makes for close contact between actor and viewer.

“It’s fulfilling in a way, not in a better or worse way, but just that we are so able to be intimate with the audience, and that they participate in what we do, so that every time we perform a scene it’s different,” said Amanda Berg Wilson, a performer in “Sweet & Lucky.”

“Sweet & Lucky” does tell a story with very strong themes. But every audience member experiences it differently.

“I hope it’s a cathartic experience because it does deal with memory and death. And that by wondering through the show, they actually wonder through their own processing of feelings about family and memory, and come out the other side altered or at least moved,” Berg Wilson told CBS4.

For tickets call 800.641.1222 or 303.893.4100 or go to the “Sweet & Lucky” website.

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