By Jennifer Brice

(CBS) – It could be your chance to own a ghost town in eastern Colorado. It includes a motel, cafe, gas station and two homes. You can find this ghost town in the area known as Cabin Creek, east of Byers along Highway 36.

Cabin Creek (credit: CBS)

Cabin Creek (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Jennifer Brice traveled to the location to take a look at everything, including the asking price of $350,000.

Cabin Creek

“It’s a ghost town,” says James Johnson.

Johnson loves this place but says it’s time to find a buyer.

CBS4's Jennifer Brice interviews James Johnson (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Jennifer Brice interviews James Johnson (credit: CBS)

“I just think you’ve got a great big garage, nice place to live and the rest are projects to keep you busy for while,” he said.

The garage is why Johnson bought the Cabin Creek land back in 2000. He needed a place to store cars and toys.

This place is also nostalgic. He used to pass by it as a kid. In its heyday, the highway stop was home to a gas station, garage, restaurant, home and eight-room motel.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It was just a stop on the road just like Route 66,” says Johnson. “The highway died and this place turned into a ghost town.”

And that ghost town feel is now what Johnson says is part of the charm. He’s hoping the right person comes in to make it their own space.

(credit: CBS)

Johnson stands in Cabin Creek. (credit: CBS)

“You’ve got lots of space. I’ve got everything from an RV lot to a shooting range to a place to fly my ultralight and land it.”

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