DENVER, Colo. (CBS4)– Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke at the Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center on Friday. He touched on many topics ranging from guns to borders but some say he missed his opportunity in Colorado.

“The NRA endorsed me to save your Second Amendment, 100 percent we’re saving your Second Amendment,” said Trump.

Before Trump took the stage, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was greeted with a standing ovation. She talked about how Trump appeals to voters.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“He wasn’t found among the politicians, insisting that he be elected and re-elected, less they have to come home and join us peasants through the laws that they passed, but exempted themselves from. Well-armed with identities as Americans, people of all persuasions jumped on board the Trump train,” said Palin.

She also addressed the protesters gathered outside the convention center. Several were arrested as SWAT teams moved in to control the growing crowds.

Palin said Trump wasn’t labeled a racist until he ran for office.

“Those accusers are the silly protesters at Trump rallies. We’ve been telling him he should hold his rallies at construction sites, we know those protesters won’t show up at work sites,” said Palin.

Trump says he has a plan to make the borders in American mean something again.

“We’re going to have strong borders. We’re going to have the wall, we’re going to let people who come into our country that should come into our country and they’re going to come into our country legally, they’re going to come in legally,” said Trump.

Donald Trump speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday (credit: CBS)

Donald Trump speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday (credit: CBS)

He also segued into trade, saying the two are connected.

“We’re being destroyed by trade… we’re being destroyed at our borders, we’re allowing people to come into our country from Syria and other places that shouldn’t be allowed to come into our country,” said Trump.

Trump also took time to discuss the GOP caucus in Colorado in which former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz took all 34 delegates. Trump supporters gathered for a protest at the state Capitol a few days later.

“The system is rigged. You know, we went through the primary system and we did have problems here. You know, it wasn’t a vote but someone did, it’s all right, it all worked out well. In the end it doesn’t matter, here we are,” said Trump.

Friday’s speech was Trump’s first visit to Colorado since becoming the presumptive Republican nominee despite it being a battleground state. But he promised he would return a lot between now and November.

Kendal Unruh with Free the Delegates said Trump missed his opportunity in Colorado.

“He didn’t talk about the sanctity of life, he didn’t talk about traditional marriage, he didn’t talk about the transgender bathroom bill,” said Unruh.

When asked how Trump will win Colorado, she replied, “Trump is not going to win Colorado, Trump is not going to win anywhere and he’s certainly not going to win in swing states.”