HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – On Tuesday evening a group of parents and students gathered to ask for the resignation of two Douglas County School Board members after a student said she was bullied by the board members.

An investigation by a law firm says two Douglas County School Board members didn’t violate any policy when they privately met with Ponderosa High School student Grace Davis.

“They were trying to intimidate me,” Davis told CBS4’s Jennifer Brice.

Grace Davis is interviewed by CBS4's Jennifer Brice (credit: CBS)

Grace Davis is interviewed by CBS4’s Jennifer Brice (credit: CBS)

Davis was trying to organize a protest last March to highlight concerns about how teachers are evaluated and treated in the district. She says she was pulled out of class by board members Meghan Silverthorn and Judith Reynolds without her parents being notified.

Davis recorded the conversation. She’s disappointed that the investigation found no wrong doing. Parents claim the investigation cost the Douglas County School District $177,000.

“We even paid for it. We paid over $177,000 to be basically told that our policies are terrible for board members interacting with student,” Davis said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Douglas County residents and parents are outraged and gathered Tuesday evening to show their frustration.

Kevin Leung has two children in the district.

“This is just not something that I would call good judgement on their part and that’s why I’m upset,” Leung said. “I would not want my daughter to get berated and belittled like that.”

The board members in question broke their silence on Tuesday now that the investigation is complete and the findings cleared them.

Meghan Silverthorn (credit: CBS)

Meghan Silverthorn (credit: CBS)

“I guess the reason I wanted to speak to her was because I was hearing from parents in the community. They were concerned their children might attend the protest,” Silverthorn said.

Judith Reynolds (credit: CBS)

Judith Reynolds (credit: CBS)

“I think the report clearly shows that there was no intimidation, there was no bullying,” Reynolds said. “There was a very clear intent on our part to make sure that we exercised our responsibility as board members to make sure all of our students are safe.”

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