DENVER (CBS4) – After years on top, a stretch of First Avenue near Cherry creek is no longer the number one place to get a photo radar ticket in Denver.

According to a CBS4 data review, in 2015 there were over 207,000 photo radar tickets mailed out in Denver alone, which is a slight uptick from the previous year. Also in 2015, construction zones were heavily targeted.

Ever think of fighting a photo radar ticket? More than 80,000 tickets are canceled each year.

Here are the 2015 top 5 places to get a photo radar ticket in Denver:

5) The work zone at 6th Avenue westbound at I-25 (8,570 tickets)

4) The work zone at 6th Avenue eastbound at I-25 (10,878 tickets)

3) East 17th Avenue near City Park (11,694 tickets)

2) East 1st Avenue (near Cherry Creek) eastbound (13,704 tickets). The 2014 top spot previously had 27,000 tickets at this location.

1) The work zone at Santa Fe Ave. (30,874 tickets)


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