DENVER (CBS4) – “The Jet Pack Man” was rushed to a Denver hospital Friday morning with a head injury and minor burns after he crashed during a test flight.

“He had head wounds, he had blood gushing on his face,” said one witness.

The crash happened just before 9:30 a.m. on the 2600 block of West 8th Avenue, north of Interstate 25 and 6th Avenue. Authorities said the man fell from an unknown height after the jet pack malfunctioned.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Troy Widgery, CEO of the company Jet Pack International, told CBS4 the pilot was Nick Macomber, who has lots of experience in the air. Widgery said he wasn’t wearing a helmet during Friday’s test flight and that the crash happened during the landing process.

“He should’ve been wearing a helmet, but he’s so good, and again this was just a test flight. If he would have been doing a performance flight he obviously would have been wearing a helmet but he was just going 10 feet off the ground,” Widgery said.

Nick Macomber (credit: CBS)

Nick Macomber (credit: CBS)

Macomber, 27, appeared in a report on CBS This Morning last summer talking about how he got the nickname The Jet Pack Man. Among his approximately 600 flights, he has flown over the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver and flown for crowds inside stadiums.

“He had made some changes to the machine so that’s why we do these test flights and if something needs adjusting this is where we figure that out,” said Widgery.

Widgery said it’s unclear when Macomber will perform or practice next but there is one thing for sure, “He’s going to be required to wear a helmet.”

Macomber was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and was set to be transferred to the burn unit at University Hospital.

Officials with the FAA were set to investigate the crash.

Jet packs can go as fast as 80 mph and fly up to 180 feet in the air.