DENVER (CBS4)– Even though Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has lost seven of the eight primary contests to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. But because of support from people like Gov. John Hickenlooper, Clinton enjoys a big lead.

Hickenlooper, a superdelegate, hosted a campaign fundraiser at his private residence on Thursday night.

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Because he’s a superdelegate, Hickenlooper is not bound by results of the Colorado caucus which Sanders won.

“I think by obligation is to the people of Colorado and the people of the United States to do what I think is best for this state and this country,” said Hickenlooper.

But not everyone believes that is a good idea.

“When I hear an elected official saying “I’m going to do what I want to do’ that’s a snollygoster. I don’t appreciate that,” said Rep. Joe Salazar, a Democrat representing Thornton.

Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Denver (credit: CBS)

Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Denver (credit: CBS)

Salazar is also a Sanders supporter.

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When asked what a snollygoster is, Salazar replied, “A person who is doing it for their own benefit instead of listening to the community.”

Salazar believes the Democratic nominated process is rigged to favor the establishment candidate. There are 712 superdelegates, about 30 percent of those needed to secure the nomination. Most are current or elected officials.

“I think it is voter suppression,” said Salazar.

“This is a system designed long before this race took the shape it’s taken,” said Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper said he is firm in his support of Clinton, support that will be critical if Sanders is still in by the convention.

“If he becomes the nominee we are going to support him and those superdelegates better support him as well or there will be hell to pay in Colorado,” said Salazar.

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Hickenlooper is thought to be on a short list for a cabinet position should Clinton become president. While in the past he indicated he would consider it, last week Hickenlooper said that ship has probably sailed and he is not interested.