FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– On first reading of the proposed “social host” ordinance Tuesday night, Fort Collins City Council approved the measure, 6-1. It would hold party hosts accountable for underage drinking and marijuana use that takes place inside their residence or on their property.

Councilman Ray Martinez casting the sole vote against the proposed ordinance.

The ordinance would make hosting an underage party a civil infraction, and allow law enforcement to issue citations to people 21 and older who are present when underage drinking and marijuana use is happening inside a property for which they are legally responsible. The ticket could carry a maximum fine of $2,750.

The measure is aimed at reducing underage partying. It has the potential to affect parents, homeowners and older college students who host their underage peers.

The council must hear a second reading of the ordinance at its regular meeting on April 19 before voting again. If the measure is approved during the second vote, the ordinance will take effect 10 days after passage.


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