LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Jen and John House have filled their home with biological and adoptive children and they’re not done yet.

There is Sadie and Lauren born to the couple, Jacoby joined the family when he was only months old, and recently joining the family, teens Zach and Anyalee. Babe, the English Mastiff, rounds out this hectic household.

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On the day CBS4 visited with the House family, Jacoby was wearing a crown. He was king for a day because he was turning 5 years old.

“It’s amazing to see him now. He’s a different kid than when he first came,” Jen told CBS4.

Jen House described getting Jacoby when he was just months old. She said he was underweight, and undersized. He suffered from neglect and failure to thrive. She said that they spent the first few months just getting him physically healthy. She said that now he is excelling in school and learning to deal with sensory overload issues.

“I have these moments too, where I realize how brave my kids are and I’m really inspired by them,” Jen added.

Anyalee, 14, is the newest House family member. Her adoption was finalized at the end of January. This is her final family after three failed adoptions.

“I couldn’t really say how I felt all the time until my adoption day because I was like so afraid that they would give me up like all the other families,” Anyalee told CBS4.

Her biological big brother knows exactly how she felt, Zach went through each of those failed adoptions with her.

“This is my 13th placement,” Zach said.

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Now that he’s with his forever family, Zach said he feels stable and ready to focus on the future.

“I plan to join the Navy, and after that go to culinary school,” he explained.

Zach, 16, is warming to his role as big brother.

It’s nice having younger siblings,” he told CBS4. “Then I can help them have a good childhood when I didn’t.”

“He’s really taken ownership of his role as older brother. He wants to make sure everyone is safe,” Jen explained.

“When you take in a teenager, you get all of the years of pain, hurt, trauma, and neglect and abuse. Anything you can take, these kids have seen more life than any of have live in the short amount of time, by the time you get them,” John said. “You get them in a situation, in a family, they feel comfortable. They feel safe, and they can finally have an opportunity to thrive, hopefully, in the environment.”

The House family is discussing adopting another child from foster care. They said that they’re all in.

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