DENVER (CBS4) – Spring street sweeping begins April 1, and drivers will want to take note of the signs as it’s a new opportunity for parking tickets.

Street sweeping is an effort to keep both the air and water in Denver clean, and the public works department wants to remind everyone to do their part.

It usually happens once a month for each street, but residents and drivers will need to look at the red and white sign on their street to see the schedule for that location.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

There’s a set time by which cars must be moved. And even if the street looks like it’s been cleaned, the given time period must still be respected before moving cars back. In some cases, crews will come around a second time to clean streets.

Those with a car in the way could get a fine of $50. Denver Public Works offers reminders: texts, emails, or even stickers so you know when to move your car.

Street cleaning starts in April and runs through November.


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