BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A Boulder nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering abilities in the physically disabled has released video of their members ice climbing.

Paradox Sports builds physical adaptive sport communities for people with disabilities ranging from  missing limbs to neurological disorders to deafness. Everyone, though, enjoys the outdoors.

A video released on Vimeo shows these impressive members in action, at the Ouray Ice Park.

“When I’m on the ice I just pretty much forget about losing my leg, and try to pull the next move,” amputee Dave Klar says in the video.

Representatives of Paradox Sports say ice climbing is all about problem solving, which the physically disabled are perfectly capable of doing.

“It’s the only sport that I’ve ever participated in where I don’t need something adaptive,” said Jessica Sporte, who is missing her right leg.

(credit: Outside Adventure Media, vimeo)

(credit: Outside Adventure Media, vimeo)

“I’ve never met a group of people that are less disabled than all of the amputees and disabled people here,” says member Bee Morin.

(credit: Outside Adventure Media, vimeo)

(credit: Outside Adventure Media, vimeo)

“We celebrate what you got, we forget about what you don’t have,” said member Malcom Daly.


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