DENVER (CBS4) – Efforts to pass a sexting bill at the Colorado Capitol have hit a road block.

Under the bill most sexting cases would be misdemeanors. It’s currently a felony sex offense.

Opponents say if the sexting is consensual it shouldn’t be a crime at all.

Brie Akins with the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault worries that because sexting is a crime victims won’t report it if the photo they sent is shared without their permission.

“My main concern is for victims that this happens to, and then it’s further disseminated, that they be able to receive help,” Atkins said earlier in March.

“Find the kid who’s ever been charged with that. We don’t do that,” Tom Raynes with the Colorado District Attorney’s Council said.

The Colorado District Attorney’s Council says it’s willing to make consensual sexting a petty offense.

CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd reported earlier in March the bill is likely to fail.


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