AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)Red light cameras could be moving to new spots in Aurora because city officials want to put them at intersections they feel are the most dangerous.

Aurora police named the intersection at East Smoky Hill and South Buckley roads among five others in the city as having the highest number of crashes leading to fatalities and bodily injury in the last five years.

None of the intersections, noted as dangerous by the police, have the controversial red light cameras. Police are now saying they’d like to move the cameras to the top six accidents waiting to happen intersections.

Aurora resident Joel Thyfault thinks people are well aware of the intersections without the red light cameras.

“So they take advantage of that, and they actually turn right on red when they shouldn’t, turn right on yellow,” Thyfault said.

Thyfault says motorists know they better respect the cameras.

“The people that know where the cameras are, they pay attention so they don’t get their picture taken and get a ticket,” he said.

The top six intersections  include Quincy and Chambers, Iliff and Blackhawk, Iliff and Peoria, and Peoria and Yale.

City councilman Bob Lagare says the city is likely to wait until the state Legislature decides on a bill to limit the red light cameras in Colorado.


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