DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Auto Show isn’t just about cars, but the latest technology with cars. The Blinker app helps identify any vehicle and can help sell your car, too.

“It’s really exciting. We’ve been developing it here in Colorado, we’ve been working on it the last couple of years. We’re just launching it at the Denver Auto Show,” said Blinker founder Rod Buscher.

Blinker has a real-time demonstration at the Denver Auto Show, which is at the Colorado Convention Center through Sunday.

“You’re able to go out and take a picture of any of the 150 million cars in America and instantly get your make, model, all the equipment and a value,” said Buscher.

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Blinker goes a step further, even helping drivers sell their cars.

“No more dealerships or banks, you can do it all on your phone. You can get approved for financing on your phone, you can sell your car for a monthly payment, Blinker takes the payments and you get paid in full and it’s all for free. We don’t charge a commission and you’re able to list your car in seconds and then we post it to tons of sites all over the internet,” said Buscher.