DENVER (CBS4) – A deserving patient got a helpful surgery, and it was a milestone for a Denver surgeon at Presbyterian/St Luke’s Medical Center.

The patient is former police officer and veteran Michael Solano. He was in an ATV accident in 2013 that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He calls his surgery a game changer for his life.

Despite regular exercise Solano experienced uncontrollable weight gain. Two weeks ago Solano had a robotic sleeve gastrectomy at Presbyterian/St Luke’s in order to better feel when he is no longer hungry.

It was the 100th time Dr. Thomas Brown has performed the surgery which doctors say will greatly improve Solano’s life.

“The patients are satisfied, they eat less and they lose weight. It’s a very effective method of weight loss,” Brown said.

Dr. Thomas Brown and Michael Solano (credit: CBS)

Dr. Thomas Brown and Michael Solano (credit: CBS)

“It is a game changer because as I lose weight I think I’ll be able to do more things, and I don’t know what the end is, but look forward to seeing it,” Solano said.

Solano has already lost weight. His goal weight is 220 pounds. He hopes to one day get fit enough to dance with his wife again and walk his daughter down the aisle.


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