DENVER (CBS4)– People living in the Highlands neighborhood in Denver say the gunman’s actions were reckless when shots were fired on Monday. The gunfire ended with one police officer hospitalized, one suspect shot and killed and the other suspect behind bars.

The crime spree started with a burglary at 37th and Grove and ended with the shooting at 32nd and Lowell Boulevard. The gunfire erupted when a homeowner caught two men trying to break in.

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“I see the guy right there and we looked at each other,” said witness Lenny Atencio.

Officers investigate a shooting in the Highlands neighborhood on Monday (credit: CBS)

Officers investigate a shooting in the Highlands neighborhood on Monday (credit: CBS)

Atencio was at home when he said two men tried kicking in one of his windows and tried to get inside.

“Your instincts are like, ‘I’m going to get those guys,'” said Atencio.

He never caught up with the men, instead he called police for help. Within minutes officers had spotted the suspects near 34th and Irving where a chase began.

As officers closed in on the suspects, a female police officer was shot in the leg. She is expected to recover.

“These are very difficult times but everyone is kind of putting their arms around each other and we will continue to do what this community expects of us,” said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

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Investigators said after the initial exchange of gunfire one suspect carjacked a woman and sped away. Witnesses said he sped down Lowell Boulevard as police closed in. He continued shooting.

“The guy was shooting so recklessly I was afraid of getting hit by stray bullets,” said witness Ashlee Ziegler.

“I was working in the building right there and I started hearing ricochets so I know it was coming in towards us,” said another witness.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

At least two buildings on Lowell Boulevard were left with bullet holes through the windows.

The chase finally ended several blocks later. One suspect had been killed and the other arrested.

Atencio said after learning of the crime spree and the level of violence, he’s glad the men never made it into his home.

“I realized that my whole family could have been in danger, if I did not respond, one of them could have been in the house,” said Atencio.

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The name of the officer has not been released. Police have not released the names of the suspects.