DENVER (CBS4) – It’s cleaned up now but CBS4 has learned someone vandalized the Denver police memorial again overnight.

The act of vandalism comes almost exactly a year after two men poured red paint on the Fallen Officers Memorial during a protest.

CBS4’s Jeff Todd talked with Denver Police Chief Robert White about the new incident. He believes the vandalism was done to mark the one year anniversary because the same act was done. Since then a number of security measures have been put in place including permanent HALO cameras that monitor the area. There’s also a trespassing law now in effect for the overnight hours.

Police said they have video of the suspect who they think did vandalism some time Sunday night or early Monday morning. The suspect could face a trespassing charge at the very least.

When the vandalism was discovered Monday morning the fire department immediately cleaned up the mess.

One year ago a protest ended at the police memorial and red paint was poured on it. Two men have pleaded guilty to defacing the memorial. Robert Guerrero was sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay $2,500 in restitution for criminal mischief. Matthew Goldberg pleaded guilty in early January and is awaiting sentencing. He was supposed to be sentenced last week but it was vacated with no date set.

Robert Guerrero and Matthew Goldberg (credit: Denver Police Department)

Robert Guerrero and Matthew Goldberg (credit: Denver Police Department)

White reiterated how disgraceful an act it is.

“This is a community that by-and-large greatly supports what the men and women of the police department does every single day, and unfortunately there are always those few who are ill-intended,” White said.

While the police department has released the picture of the vandalism they’re not releasing any video captured by the HALO cameras. White said they’re going to keep that as part of the investigation.

Statement From Mayor Michael Hancock

“I am extremely saddened and angered by this despicable act – the defacing of Denver’s police memorial. To show such utter disrespect for the people who have given their lives in the line of duty to protect ours is unconscionable. Chief White and the Police Department are working hard to determine who committed this crime and will hold them accountable.”


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