DENVER (CBS4) – Law enforcement agencies across Colorado say people are scammed out of serious money by callers posing as deputies.

The Denver Sheriff Department says a lot of people say they’ve been contacted. CBS4’s Jeff Todd talked with a guard who said she’s talked to at least five people who have actually come downtown to talk about a phone call they received. One woman paid the scammer nearly $1,000.

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“We never call anyone asking for money,” Simon Crittle with the Denver Sheriff Department said. “Someone came in here a few days ago and said they’d paid $985 on a prepaid debit card to this character, and of course that money is gone, she’s never going to see that again.”

The scammer has been saying he’s Lt. Mark Springer. No sheriff department employee has that name, and they don’t even have the rank of lieutenant.

“I think if someone calls you and says that they’re a police officer an unsuspecting person may take that seriously,” Crittle said.

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Agencies from all over the state have reported a similar scam.

“Generally this is the theme — that they say somebody has missed jury duty, that there’s a warrant out for their arrest.”

On Monday someone was posing as an Eagle County deputy. Weld County has also received tips someone is claiming to work for them and demanding money. Within the past few years the scam has also been seen it from Boulder, Jefferson, Douglas counties — in fact, every county along the Front Range.

“This is the third time in the past six months that we’ve been hearing about this scam going around, so we’re really looking for this person to get caught,” Crittle said.

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If anyone ever calls asking for money, get their name and their agency and verify before paying anything.