CBS4’s Jamie Leary is driving to California’s Bay area with photographer Mike Abeyta for Super Bowl 50. They left from Denver early Monday morning will be filing reports about the Denver Broncos along the way.

CBS4's Jamie Leary is driving to the Super Bowl and reporting from the road this week (credit: CBS)

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OREM, Utah (CBS4) – Never in a million years did 14-year old Talon Peterson dream his love for the Broncos would catch the attention of ESPN’s NFL Countdown. After all, he is a Utah-born Broncos fan and he knows how die hard some of the hometown fans are. That didn’t stop him from sending the network his best Peyton Manning impression.

“Check, check, check! Fifty-two’s the Mike! Sally, Sally! Omaha, Omaha! Ready, ready ready!” Is the battle cry Talon has been perfecting for nearly his entire life and boy-oh-boy did it pay off.

ESPN chose that very impression as a winner among many and is flying Talon to the Super Bowl with not one, but two tickets. Talon is bringing his mother.

Talon Peterson (credit: CBS)

Talon Peterson (credit: CBS)

“Whenever I tell my friends I’m taking my mom they’re like, ‘Oh is your dad mad?’ And I’m like, ‘No, he really doesn’t like (football) … well I mean he likes it but he doesn’t like it as much as my mom … my mom is pretty sweet, bet you wish you had my mom!'” Talon told CBS4 as his mother proudly peaked around the corner of Talon’s bedroom.

Talon’s bedroom is a teenage boy’s dream come true. It is covered wall-to-wall with football memorabilia including a piece of confetti from the field AFC Championship Game in Denver.MANNING IMITATOR 630PKG.trapnsfer

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“I love Peyton and I love the Broncos, so it was like … the Broncos have been my favorite team, my grandpa loved the Broncos and he passed that down to my mom and then my mom passed it down to me, so we’re a Broncos family,” said Talon.

Talon is convinced it was more than just luck he won the ESPN contest.

“There are just so many different things, that if that didn’t happen and that didn’t happen, none of this would’ve happened. It all aligned perfectly.”


Whatever it was, fate or Talon’s impression, which is pretty darn good, Talon and his mother have a much-deserved, all-expense paid trip to Super Bowl 50.

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We can’t wait to see what he does next.