DENVER (CBS4) – One of two teens accused of threatening to kill students and staff at Mountain Vista High School in December appeared in court Thursday, and for the first time her father spoke to the media.

Brooke Higgins, 16, is charged with conspiracy of attempted murder along with 16-year-old Sienna Johnson. Both have been charged as adults for the alleged plot.

Brooke Higgins (credit: Mountain Vista High School yearbook photo)

Brooke Higgins (credit: Mountain Vista High School yearbook photo)

For the first time Higgins’ father made a brief comment off camera to the media. He asked for privacy and then said it’s been tough but that his daughter is doing okay.

The biggest development to come out of Thursday’s hearing was the change in counsel for Higgins. CBS4’s Jamie Leary asked Higgins’ new attorneys for comment about the change and why it happened, but the new private attorneys handed Leary their card and said “no comment, forever.”

Higgins’ former attorney told Leary that because of the attorney-client privilege she wasn’t allowed to comment in the change of council.

The proceeding was expected determine the logistics of a reverse hearing coming up later in the spring in which the judge will decide whether or not Higgins will be charged as a juvenile. But because of the new attorneys that didn’t happen and the upcoming reverse transfer hearing was postponed so the new attorneys can get caught up with in the case.

The new attorneys say they have a lot of catching up to do — specifically 600 pages of documents to sift through.

The next hearing will be to address Higgins’ bond and is set for Jan. 25. She is currently in custody on a $1 million bond and her attorneys want the bond reduced.

Sienna Johnson (credit: Mountain Vista High School yearbook photo)

Sienna Johnson (credit: Mountain Vista High School yearbook photo)

Some information about the girls has been learned, and Higgins’ phone records were discussed by prosecutors last week who said it showed a fascination with the Columbine shootings. Her attorneys have since tried to distance her from Johnson.

  1. Jordaine says:

    So I would just like to say that Sienna and I were in Mount View together and I personally think she needs to do a lot of time in Jail. Sienna was not the most calm and collect person she would act out and throw things a lot. I ACTUALLY Personally watched her get detained in jail because she was acting out. I am 15 years of age and I find this ABSOULUTLY horrifying that someone would do this. Sienna needs to stay in jail and think long and hard about her decisions because even after 8 months of being locked up I sill don’t believe she understands how severe this could have gotten. Also I have personally talked to her about it and I have read up on her and I know she faked her mental evaluation so here’s what I think she could very very very well be faking her remorse and time at Mount View can very easily just be a game for her. For me she DESERVES to be tried as an adult and be locked up for Juvenile life!!!

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