DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver arrested five people after a series of events that included gunfire, a chase and crash on Sunday morning.

Police say it all began on reports of a car-to-car shooting where one vehicle was struck by gunfire. One vehicle sped away and police pursued the vehicle around the neighborhood.

Police tweeted an update on the situation after all four suspects were taken into custody.

“Upon officers arriving on scene there were two vehicles pointed out to us. We initiated contact with one of them which turned out to be a blue in color Jeep Cherokee and that party fled,” said Denver Police Technician Tyrone Campbell.

Chad, a witness, told CBS4 that it all began when two Jeeps “full of kids” ran a stop light and he followed to try to confront them.

“We were on our way to get our football fun at the grocery store and we approached the stoplight here at Zuni and a caravan of Jeeps with kids that weren’t even old enough to drive ran the stop light and almost killed us,” said Chad.

“They leaned a shotgun out of the car window so I took cover out of the car behind the side of the vehicle,” said Chad. “All of the kids with the shotgun guy in the front walked down the street.”


When police caught up to the suspects near South Federal Boulevard and Florida, a blue Jeep collided with a citizen’s vehicle that was stopped at the intersection. The people in the Jeep ran away but police arrested four of them. One got away.

“When this guy hit this car in the intersection, it was like a boat on fire and the rats were jumping off, there must have been eight kids that got out of the car and took off … girls and boys,” said Chad.

Chad said he pulled into a liquor store parking lot. He was with his wife and dogs. None of them were hurt.

Police continue to search for a red Jeep Wrangler with a black top. Investigators believe the shooter was in that vehicle.

“We are still looking for the vehicle that actually fired the shotgun blast. It is a red in color Jeep Wrangler with a black roof,” said Campbell.

Police would not confirm whether the suspects are adults or juveniles.

Florida remained closed from Federal to Elliot during the investigation.


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