GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)– Cutouts of coyotes are showing up near lakes and grassy knolls in Greeley where geese tend to congregate. Runners are happy to see the makeshift pest control because they claim the droppings are a safety hazard.

“It’s very important to keep in mind the fact that if you run and it’s slippery, you might fall and hurt yourself and geese contribute to that, to that problem,” said runner Neal Faul.

For the coyote-shaped cutouts to work, the geese have to be scared off by the fake scavengers.

Coyote cutouts in Greeley (credit: CBS)

Coyote cutouts in Greeley (credit: CBS)

Parks employees with Greeley plan to move the fake coyotes around to keep the geese guessing.

“If it works and it’s effective I think it’s a good thing for not only the park but for the local community,” said Greeley spokesman Brandon Tovado.


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