PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – A day after being caught in the jaws of another dog, Skippy is stitched up and back at home.

Stephanie Kelly was walking her mini Australian Sheppard Sunday afternoon on Tallman Gulch Trail behind her home in Parker when he was attacked by a dog running off leash.

“I couldn’t tell you how long it went on because I was in shock that nothing was changing … he was still biting as I was still kicking,” she said of the attacking dog.

Police say it was bearded collie bulldog mix that latched on and left Skippy with two large puncture wounds to his side.

“He was definitely killing my dog,” Kelly said.

When he was finally free, Skippy ran off and Kelly and a friend went looking for him. The owner and the other dog left the area.

“She had seen, she had to have seen, because there was blood all over my face,” Kelly said of the other dog’s owner.

Skippy getting surgery (credit: Parker Police Department)

Skippy in surgery (credit: Parker Police Department)

Parker police immediately went to work trying to find that woman and her dog, utilizing social media to post a description and details about what happened.

“The lady did turn herself in and it was through the police department in Parker who posted the whole story on Facebook,” Kelly said.

Relieved that things turned out the way they did, her message now is for all pet owners.

“I would hope that people would just consider and be responsible for their own animal,” says Kelly.

Police said the owner of the dog that attacked Skippy shared with them an almost exact story and is cooperating. She may face a ticket for owning a dangerous animal and the penalty would be decided by a judge.


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