COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Robert Lewis Dear, the suspect in the Nov. 27 attack at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, yelled in court on Wednesday that he is guilty.

“I am guilty there will be no trial. I am a warrior for the babies,” he said in an outburst in El Paso County District Court first reported by CBS4 reporter Rick Sallinger.

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Robert Lewis Dear in court on Dec. 9, 2015 (credit: CBS)

Robert Lewis Dear in court on Dec. 9, 2015 (credit: CBS)

Soon afterwards he stated “You’ll never know the amount of blood I saw in that place.”

The outburst came as lawyers were starting to discuss a motion to allow a camera in the courtroom.

Dear continued with the outbursts, “Seal the truth, kill the babies, that’s what Planned Parenthood does.”

He went on rambling about babies, mental health and conspiracies.

“There’s a lot of things that they don’t want to be known. Planned Parenthood and my lawyer are in cahoots to shut me up. They don’t want the truth out,” said Dear during one of his interruptions.

The hearing on Wednesday was scheduled to be a formal filing of the 179 charges against Dear.

Robert Lewis Dear in court on Dec. 9, 2015 (credit: CBS)

Robert Lewis Dear in court on Wednesday (credit: CBS)

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Prosecutors announced in the hearing that they will be filing 179 counts against Dear, including murder.

“If you are acting with extreme indifference to the value of human life generally and you kill somebody with that attitude, that you can be held to first-degree murder,” said El Paso County District Attorney Dan May.

“Could you add the babies that were supposed to be aborted that day? Could you add that to the list?” said Dear.

Dear’s public defenders indicated they wanted to determine if their client was competent to stand trial. But Dear had other plans.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Dear also said “This is my life” and “I will not meet with him again” referring to his attorney, Daniel King. “And I’m not going to agree to their mental health evaluations where they want to take me and put me under psychotropic drugs.”

King represented Aurora theater gunman James Holmes earlier this year.

Three people were killed and nine others were wounded in the attack on Planned Parenthood.

Garrett Swasey, Ke'Arre Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky (credit: CBS)

Garrett Swasey, Ke’Arre Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky (credit: CBS)

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The three people who were killed in the attack were Ke’Arre Stewart, Jennifer Markovsky and Garrett Swasey. Swasey was a campus police officer for the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs.