By Matt Kroschel
CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4)– Men with weapons, wearing hunting camoflague masks, held up a marijuana dispensary in Carbondale. They handcuffed the clerk and emptied the safe. The entire robbery was captured on surveillance video.

CBS4 exclusively obtained the surveillance video showing the robbery at Sweet Leaf Marijuana Dispensary on Village Road in Carbondale early Monday morning.

The video shows the suspects entering the store just before the clerk opened. They carried a handgun equipped with a laser sight. The clerk was handcuffed and forced back into an office to open the safe.

An image of the robber at the Sweet Leaf Dispensary in Carbondale (credit: Sweet Leaf Dispensary)

An image of the robber at the Sweet Leaf Dispensary in Carbondale (credit:
Sweet Leaf Dispensary)

“They put a laser on him, that was basically what was going on, the guy said, ‘You’re getting robbed, put your hands up. Where’s all your money? Where’s all your weed?'” said Sweet Leaf Dispensary owner James Friend.

The robbers cut the lines to the phone and security cameras, but the video kept recording for the entire 10 minutes as they took $1,000 cash, marijuana and marijuana concentrate.

The clerk was able to break out a back window and scream for help as the robbers took off in a stolen car.

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“He’s taking it as good as anyone who has a gun shoved in their face,” said Friend of his employee.

Police say witnesses were able to provide them with a good description which lead investigators to the suspects, Aurturo-Nuno Cervantes and Erick Jose Colon, both of Glenwood Springs. They were arrested near Carbondale.

Investigators say the stolen cash and pot were found inside the stolen car.

Both Cervantes and Colon appeared in court on Tuesday where their bonds were raised from $100,000 to $200,000.

“We have state of the art equipment and all of our angles were able to catch them very well,” said Friend.

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