DENVER (CBS4)  – “The Boat Builder” will premier at the Denver Film Festival. It’s the story of a bitter old mariner and a young orphan who form a friendship while building a boat.

“It’s a film about life,” said Arnold Grossman, the Denver-based writer/director of the film.

This low-budget independent film stars Christopher Lloyd and Denver newcomer Tekola Cornetet.

Denver writer/director Arnold Grossman talks about "The Boat Builder" (credit CBS)

Denver writer/director Arnold Grossman talks about “The Boat Builder” (credit CBS)

“So a bonding develops through boat building, the process of building a boat,” Grossman told CBS4.

LINK: The Boat Builder

The Boat Builder was filmed on the west coast, but the sound recording was done here in Colorado and the final song was written by a Denver composer.

“We’re very happy about what we’re seeing coming out of our own community in terms of the films that are being made,” said Britta Erickson, director of the Denver Film Festival.

LINK: Denver Film Festival

Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino brought his big-budget feature film called “The Hateful Eight” to Colorado, filming in Telluride last year. Another sign that Colorado’s film industry is making a come back.

LINK: The Hateful Eight

“When you have something like Tarantino coming to Colorado and then hiring local crews and everyone’s getting more experience, and just everything is on the rise,” Erickson told CBS4.

Film making in Colorado is on the rise because of the state’s film incentive passed in 2012. It ups the rebate to 20 percent and offers a loan guarantee program.

“It’s been really kind of something that has really brought the community back together,” Erickson said.

Allowing the creative juices to flow freely again through Colorado’s movie community.

LINK: Denver Arts Week

Libby Smith is a Special Projects Producer at CBS4. If you have a story you’d like to tell CBS4 about, call 303-863-TIPS (8477) or visit the News Tips section.


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