DENVER (CBS4)– A billboard is putting the potency of pot in the spotlight this weekend during the Broncos-Packers game in Denver. Critics of legalized marijuana hope it will bring national attention to the issue.

The local non-profit group Smart Colorado is behind the billboard which reads “Mom, is today’s Pot a hard drug? Learn about potency.”

Smart Colorado wants national attention on Colorado’s marijuana industry because the group claims it’s unsafe because of unanswered questions on potency.

Critics openly claim that the marijuana available now isn’t the same pot they smoked int he 60s. They hope the billboard will initiate dialogue that marijuana is more serious.

“Our kids have gotten the message that it’s not harmful and it’s even healthy and a cure-all for its users,” said Smart Colorado spokeswoman Diane Carlson.

Smart Colorado's pot potency billboard (credit: CBS)

Smart Colorado’s pot potency billboard (credit: CBS)

Carlson contends marijuana is more potent than ever. Smart Colorado picked the location of the billboard, 1935 Federal Blvd. in Denver just south of West 20th Ave, to take advantage of the crowds at the Broncos-Packers game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday.

They also hope visitors to Colorado for Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder may see their message.

“It was brought up at the Democratic debate and we hope they ask the question at the GOP debate,” said Carlson.

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“It would be simple enough to inform people what marijuana is and what the harms are without comparing it to heroin,” said Amendment 64 author Mason Tvert.

Tvert authored the bill behind marijuana legalization. He said the company that owns the billboards wouldn’t allow him to post a pro-pot message.

Tvert calls the billboard irresponsible, “The marijuana conversation should not be tactics to scare people it should be a serious adult conversation and it should be an honest one.”

The company that owns the billboards was not available for comment at the time this story was published.

Marijuana supporters claim the most potent marijuana is still less toxic than alcohol.


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