DENVER (CBS4)– A group has gathered nearly 13,000 signatures in the push to get Denver’s city council to overturn the urban camping ban.

On Monday, about 50 members of the Care2 and Occupy Denver groups gathered outside the City County Building in Denver. They presented a petition with more than 12,000 signatures to the city council to urge them to repeal the urban camping ban.

The group referenced a study from 2013 that showed the ban had made life harder on the homeless in Denver.

Urban camping ban protest (credit: CBS)

Urban camping ban protest (credit: CBS)

The ban went into effect in May 2012.

Organizers say the only solution is to overturn the urban camping ban because it criminalizes homelessness.

“Nothing we have done or said has influenced the city council in any way,” said petition organizer Laura Avant. “So it’s time now to let them know that there are thousands of people who oppose this urban camping ban.”

The group presented their petition but because they were not on the agenda they were not allowed to speak at the meeting.



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