DENVER (CBS4) – Activists arrested Saturday night were back at the scene of the alleged crime on Sunday, protesting what they call a homeless epidemic.

A day-long effort of building tiny homes, which even had financial backing, was reversed when authorities tore down the shelters.

“We had a lot of structures up, tents and a few tiny houses, and it’s all been bulldozed now,” said activist Stephanie Marrero, who was one of 10 people arrested.

The group Denver Homeless Out Loud organized the build and a protest, claiming the city of Denver isn’t doing enough to address homelessness.

“We were trying to build up tiny homes before winter comes, for a place for homeless to go, and be safe and be warm,” said Marrero.

(credit: CBS)

Village of tiny houses before removal (credit: CBS)

Protesters are upset that a giant plot of land, just a few blocks away from the largest congregation of homeless, isn’t being used for anything but a community garden.

The group said they put the protest together because Denver Housing Authority hasn’t done anything with this prime piece of land for 15 years.

“They’re not doing their job. It’s just been sitting here unused, while Denver is in the middle of a homeless epidemic,” Marrero said.

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

While protesters want the plot to be considered public land, it is private property. Contractors were bought in late Saturday night to destroy the structures that had been built.

“For low income housing, this is supposed to be for the city, this is supposed to be for the people, this is supposed to be for the citizens. And we’re doing their job for free. They don’t like that,” Marrero said.

The protesters say despite arrests and their village being destroyed, they won’t stop their fight for the homeless.

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

(credit: Occupy Denver/Facebook)

“It kind of has to touch you at a certain point for it to really affect you, and I think that’s why a lot of people are very apathetic to the cause,” Marrero said.

Over a dozen people congregated at the site Sunday night, several of which were arrested and cited for trespassing.

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