Every week the CBS4 Fantasy Football Pros give you advice to help you beat your friends and co-workers in your season-long fantasy football league.

This week we shift our focus to the growing world of daily fantasy football. We wanted to introduce you to one of the best in the business, so we contacted Nick Dunham, better known in the DFS world as 1ucror. The only sport Dunham ever played seriously in the real world was golf, and that’s one of the only sports he doesn’t play in the fantasy world.

Nick Dunham, aka 1ucror (credit CBS)

Nick Dunham, aka 1ucror (credit CBS)

Dunham arrived for our interview at the Viewhouse Centennial in the passenger seat of a yellow Lamborghini, driven by fellow DFS superstar, Charles Chon.

Nick Dunham (credit: CBS)

Nick Dunham (credit: CBS)

CBS4 Fantasy Pros: Hi Nick, tell us about your background and your leap to becoming a professional fantasy football player.

Nick Dunham: I’m 30-years-old and a Colorado State University graduate. I worked for 5 years as a Certified Public Accountant before making the leap to fantasy sports as a full-time job, it got me out of my cubicle. Working at home for myself was always one of my goals. My parents said, “You are leaving your job as a CPA, that’s a pretty big risk.” But now they are happy for me.

CBS4 Fantasy Pros: How often do you play fantasy sports and what do you consider a successful week?

I play NFL, MLB, NBA. Golf and college football are the only fantasy sports I don’t play. I sit in a lot of the leagues. Most people see me in at least one of their leagues. During football season we (Dunham and his partner Condia) can enter 5,000 contests per start time, or $30,000 to $50,000 in entry fees. It’s a team effort. We don’t run 5,000 different lineups, it’s more like five or six. There are weeks when we return over six figures in profit, but we are happy with anything above 10 percent.

CBS4 Fantasy Pros: Some states consider daily fantasy sites gambling? Is this a game of skill or a game of chance?

Nick Dunham: It’s definitely a game of skill over the longer run. You’ll hear a lot of complaining about sharks taking over and monopolizing a lot of games. The fact that there are sharks proves that this is a skill game. If it wasn’t you couldn’t have people making a living doing it over a long period of time. It’s a big enough sample size to show it’s a game of skill.

CBS4 Fantasy Pros: For people who don’t have a lot of experience with daily fantasy sites, does the Average Joe ever win? Which contests should players choose to get started?

Nick Dunham: You don’t have to do it full time to be successful at it. A lot of the people who win the $1 million contests have been Average Joes. If you are just trying to get in some entertainment value and potentially strike it rich, the millionaire tournaments are pretty cool. But, if you are just getting started the 50/50 games are probably the easiest way to go.

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The following are some daily fantasy football tips from 1ucror:

– Score big by pairing a quarterback with a wide receiver or a tight end from the same team. When they score a touchdown both players get your team points.


– Never play a defense that goes against your offensive players.

– You need to find a deep sleeper, someone no one else is going to pick, to win the $1 million jackpot games. Your lineup needs to stand out.

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