DENVER (CBS4) – Once again, the Broncos have dodged a bullet. Actually, they’ve dodged several.

On Monday we learned Shane Ray’s knee injury isn’t as bad as feared, Emmanuel Sanders’ shoulder injury shouldn’t keep him out of any games and linebacker Cory Nelson’s knee and ankle should be fine in a few days.

Ray will miss about a month, which is a lot less than Bronco fans were thinking as they watched him catch a ride to the locker room on the cart.

On Sunday the Broncos also managed to worm their way out of several tight spots, most of which were brought on by the lackluster play of quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning threw three interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown and another one in overtime that could have easily sunk the Broncos unbeaten ship.

Through six games, Manning has now thrown seven touchdown passes for the Broncos and three for Broncos opponents in the form of Pick 6 interception returns

Not a very good ratio.

(Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)

Throw in his league-leading 10 interceptions, and you could say the Broncos are fortunate they have an All-World defense that has enabled them to be 6-0 at the bye.

At some point, this kind of luck has to run out, right?

How long can the Broncos count on their defense scoring points?

The Broncos defense has scored four touchdowns already, and all four provided the winning margins in those games. Is that really going to continue?

It will be interesting to see what, if any, overhauls head coach Gary Kubiak and his staff make to the Kubiak/Manning offense during the bye week. But with Green Bay, New England, Indianapolis and Cincinnati all on the schedule after the bye, you’d think some tinkering would be in order.

Counting on the likes of Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck to gift wrap wins for you would be foolish.

By CBS4 Sports Photographer Dave Wille


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