DENVER (CBS4) – A new study by QualityHealth ranks the 10 most sexually active cities in the country, and a few may surprise you.

Assumed “sin cities” such as Las Vegas or New York didn’t even make the list, which is dominated by smaller but burgeoning cities. The top sexually active city in America? Denver.

The survey used data on contraceptive sales and birth rates, in addition to data on sales of sex-related books and products.

Denver ranked No. 1 due to its high birth rates and its contraceptive sales: 189% higher than the national average. The study also notes that female contraceptives are 278% higher in Denver than nationally.

Second is Portland, Oregon, where sales are high at a company that offers products for “relationship enhancement.”

Ann Arbor, Michigan ranks third, a college town that apparently purchases a lot of sex-related books.

San Antonio, Texas ranks fourth; Boise, Idaho ranks fifth; Seattle, Washington ranks sixth; Washington, D.C. ranks seventh; Alexandria, Virginia is tied with Salt Lake City, Utah for eighth; Cincinnati, Ohio ranks ninth; and Cambridge, Massachusetts ranks tenth.

As for the least sexually active cities, Jacksonville, Florida is #1 in that category.

Other cities with low levels of lust include Greensboro, North Carolina, Providence, Rhode Island, Pomona, California, and Jersey City, New Jersey.


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