DENVER (CBS4)– The Denver Zoo has scrapped plans to create a waste-to-energy program at its location in City Park.

The zoo had been working on a plan to convert elephant dung and other waste to power but said right now the focus of the zoo needs to be on the plans to revitalize areas of the zoo to improve habitats for animals. DENVER ZOO BOGO VO.transfer

“It costs over $90,000 a day to operate the zoo. I have over 4,300 mouths and beaks to feed. My job right now is to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our core operations as we embark on a new master plan,” said Denver Zoo President/CEO Shannon Block.

The zoo hopes to find a partner to make the waste-to-energy project a reality but off site.

Neighborhood groups had complained about the plan saying the city council should not have approved it without public impact hearings.


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