DENVER (CBS4) – A lot of people have called Colorado Parks and Wildlife encountering bears over the past few weeks.

Parks and Wildlife has gotten 150 calls so far along the Front Range. In fact they’ve reported 54 bears getting into homes along the Front Range either through doors or breaking into them. They’ve got into 21 sheds or detached garages, and bears have broken into 23 cars.

Black bear (credit: Jeff Ulvedal)

Black bear (credit: Jeff Ulvedal)

Bears make their way from the Highline Canal. Up the canyon the water diverts off the South Platte River. From there bears can follow it through Denver and up toward Denver International Airport.

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“It’s not unusual for them to find these kinds of corridors to maneuver, and then they get out and find themselves in major urban, metro areas,” said wildlife expert Jerrie McKee.

Along the Front Range there are an abundance of ways for bears to get into neighborhoods. Along with the High Line Canal, there’s the South Platte River, Turkey Creek, Bear and Clear creeks, just to name a few.


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