GOLDEN, Colo (CBS4) – The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office hosts one of the biggest safety fairs in the Denver metro area. There are nearly 90 vendors on hand offering free information and services. It’s one-stop-shopping for learning about health and safety.

“Our mission is also to prevent crime before it happens, and in the broadest sense our mission is to make sure our community is as safe as possible,” said Peter Weir, District Attorney for Jefferson County.

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Document shredding is one of the most popular services offered at the Safety Fair. You can get up to five boxes of documents shredded. The shredding company is set up in the parking lot, so you can unload the documents right from the car to the shredder.

Also in the parking lot, you can drop off small electronics for recycling. There is a small charge for electronics with a screen. At that same spot, you can turn in old prescription drugs to be destroyed. Organizers would like you to take the pills out of the bottles before you turn them in.

“We think it’s the only place in the state of Colorado where you can do shredding, electronics recycling and prescription round-up all in one place without getting out of your car,” said Cary Johnson, the Director of Crime Prevention at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

Once you’re done in the parking lot, make sure you pull into a spot and take advantage of all the activities up by the pavilion. There is an identity theft computer lab, where you can sign up for the “No Call List” and stop those pre-approved credit card applications from coming in the mail. You can also get help learning how to put a security freeze on your credit report. That means no one would be allowed to open a credit account in your name.

“It allows you to be proactive ahead of time. Should someone ever get your social security number, so you’ve taken the first step before a crook is able to act,” Johnson explained.

There is a whole row of vendors set up to serve seniors. You can find out about resources and programs that help seniors, like doing light chores around the house. There is also a program that gives out free 911 cell phones to seniors.

“A lot of seniors today can’t afford a cell phone, so they have no means of making an emergency call should they have to make one. So we want to make sure they have that ability,” Johnson said.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Safety Fair is also an opportunity to get rid of your old cellphones. The organization that gives out free 911 cellphones will collect your old phone and charges so that it can be reprogrammed to only call 911 and given away.

“We got a free helmet and we got some instructions on car seats on what’s good and bad and how long we should keep him rear facing,” said Sage Yazzolino while she held her infant son at the 2014 Safety Fair.

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Children can get a lesson in bicycle safety during the Bicycle Rodeo. The child works one-on-one with a police officer to get through an obstacle course. When the lesson is done, the child gets to keep the bike helmet he or she wore. It’s part of building good will in the community

“I think there are challenges for law enforcement right now. And those challenges are predicated on trust and an event like this, beyond the programs that are offering, beyond the services that are provided, it’s great to see that relationship between law enforcement and kids,” Weir told CBS4.

Child ID Kits are another service that gives parents piece of mind. The kit includes fingerprints, a hair sample for DNA and a photograph. Everything you need if your child were to go missing.

“Heaven forbid a child should ever turn up missing even for a few hours. That’s not the time to start thinking about, ‘Do I have the information law enforcement needs to find my child?’ You want to have it ahead of time,” Johnson explained.

Cheezo, the DA’s internet safety educator, is on hand giving out safety tips to parents and children. This year Verizon will be there to download some safety apps on smartphones.

“We’ve been doing this for 18 years, working internet safety and going after predators online, but our message is still the same – only talk to people you know face-to-face and you’ll avert some of the dangers that are out there with some strangers,” said Mike Harris, an investigator with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, at last year’s fair.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Safety Fair is almost like a festival. There are bouncy castles, face painting, and free snow cones. The whole family can have fun while getting important information.

“The state patrol brings their water boat out and the kids get to get up on that water boat. The rangers are so good about explaining the various features of the water boat,” Johnson explained.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Safety Fair is open to everyone, even if you don’t live in the county.

“Information is power, and the safety fair is all about information. It gives some great information across a broad spectrum of topics, so no matter who you are there’s going to be a topic there that applies to you,” Weir explained.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Safety Fair is Saturday, August 22nd from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

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