DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver investigated an attempted abduction that turned into a robbery in the Stapleton neighborhood. Investigators are concerned because the little girl was targeted near a busy street in the middle of the day.

“She said someone just robbed me, he tried to grab the child,” said a witness who asked not to be identified. “She was physically shaking.”

The woman heard a vehicle speeding away and a young woman calling for help just after noon on Friday near 28th and Valencia. The victim told her she was babysitting a 2-year-old girl, walking hand-in-hand with her when a man approached them.

Tbe intersection of 28th and Valencia in Stapleton (credit: CBS)

Tbe intersection of 28th and Valencia in Stapleton (credit: CBS)

“She turned around to recognize him and then he grabbed the child’s hand and pulled,” said the witness.

The babysitter didn’t let go of the child’s hand but instead picked her up and dropped her purse.

“He immediately dropped the child and took the purse so that tells you he was probably after the purse,” said

The suspect is described as a young white male with blonde hair and green eyes. He took off in a black and grey pickup truck.

The babysitter, child and witness rushed inside to call police.

Whether the man was after the child or the purse, residents are shaken.

“No matter what his motive was, no one grabs our children,” said the witness. “It’s terrifying. It’s the middle of the day, broad daylight.”

Police responded within minutes of the 911 call but were not able to track down the suspect’s vehicle. Residents in that area say they are on the lookout for someone matching the man and vehicle description.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Denver Police.


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