DENVER (CBS4)– After police take down a man who was threatening people with a pipe and suspected in an attempted robbery along the 16th Street Mall, there is renewed interest to make improvements in that area. The pedestrian shopping and entertainment district has struggled with crime and panhandlers for years.

The City of Denver and the Downtown Denver Partnership have started surveying people who frequent the 16th Street Mall about their experience.

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“I wouldn’t say that I necessarily felt unsafe but I do think it borders a little bit on the skeevy side,” said 16th Street Mall visitor Carmen Ackerman.

“I just want to enjoy myself and not feel like every time I turn around somebody’s trying to get something from me,” said Denver resident Addie Dusel.

In a recent incident that happened in the middle of the day, police took down an attempted robbery suspect who was carrying a pipe and threatening people on the mall.

Police take down a suspect on the 16th Street Mall (credit: YouTube)

Police take down a suspect on the 16th Street Mall (credit: YouTube)

“As he walked down the mall he was menacing people, he would swing it and was acting out, saying crazy things,” said Denver Police Commander Tony Lopez.

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Police used pepper balls to take down the suspect after the tense standoff when he wouldn’t drop the weapon.

The Downtown Denver Partnership and the city recognize there are concerns and plan to use the feedback in an attempt to revitalize the area.

“We’re using all of that information to both look at the vision for the space, how do we make this an amazing place?” asked Downtown Denver Partnership President and CEO Tami Door.

Door said the goal is not only to get more people to the 16th Street Mall but to get them to stay.

“It will be an evolution and as we come up with ideas and changes we will be looking at testing some of those concepts and will also be looking at implementing smaller changes and bigger changes as they come out,” said Door.

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The Downtown Denver Partnership is trying to host more family friendly events on the mall. This Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. the organization is hosting a Meet in the Street event which will transform the area into a park.