LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – After a little boy went missing in Lakewood for several hours on Thursday afternoon, the community responded with a full force effort.

Not only were Lakewood police actively involved, but Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, the FBI and a team of volunteers assisted the effort. Many are part of the Child Abduction Reaction Team, which was put together in the wake of the Jessica Ridgeway case.

Investigators are now trying to determine exactly what happened when the boy disappeared, where he went, and who it was that brought him home.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

An unknown woman brought the 2-year-old boy back to his home nearly five hours after he went missing.

“We have detectives interviewing the female and checking on the child,” said Andrea Joo of the Lakewood Police Department.

Investigators have not yet said who the woman is, but did say the little boy is unharmed and safe with his family.

The mother reported him missing when she says he must have sneaked out the backyard gate while playing with other children.

(credit: CBS

(credit: CBS

“I was really scared because it’s not the first time,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors said they have seen the small boy wandering the street alone before, calling him a curious child.

“He’s come down the street before and I’ve taken him home,” said another neighbor.

Police said Child Protective Services may now get involved.

“Certainly if the neighbors are speculating that that may be an ongoing problem then of course that will be investigated as well,” said Joo.

Police said the woman who returned the child may be a relative and are questioning family members. They are still looking for the boy’s father and have yet to get in touch with him.

It’s not clear who, if anyone, will face charges.


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